Other Services

Here is a listing of just some of the other legal services we provide:

Legal reviews

We can perform a comprehensive legal review of your non-profit organization and prepare a written legal opinion pinpointing liability risks, violations of the law, and recommendations for corrective measures.



We can amend your bylaws or prepare new ones to address specific issues, such as board authority, election or removal of directors and officers, and succession issues, financial controls, conflicts of interest, etc.


Name changes

We can change the name of your non-profit organization or charity or add a new name (fictitious name), regardless of which state your organization is located.


Domain disputes

We can assist in forcing Internet pirates to transfer control of a domain name to its proper owner.



We counsel clients regarding the tax on unrelated business income (UBIT) and means of avoiding it.



We counsel clients regarding liability issues and measures to reduce liability exposure, including policies and procedures.


Please contact the Law Office of Dan Beirute for more information on any of our services or to schedule a legal consultation.