Legal Services

We can help your charity or non-profit organization with just about any legal need, large or small.

Some of the legal services we offer:


We incorporate private foundations, endowments, schools, title holding companies, non-profits, churches, charities, and charitable organizations in any state.



We will apply for 501(c)(3) federal income tax exemption and be in touch with the IRS on your behalf, saving you the trouble and hassle.


Compensation reviews

We can analyze your leadership’s current compensation and provide opinion letters that identify ‘reasonable compensation’ amounts.



We can register your charity’s name, slogan, or logo as a federal or state trademark and assist you with any trademark disputes.



We can amend your bylaws or prepare new ones to address specific issues, such as board authority, election or removal of directors and officers, and succession issues, financial controls, conflicts of interest, etc.



We can review your contracts or even prepare them for you, including purchase agreements, construction agreements, employment agreements, leases, mortgages, etc.



We provide counseling for clients regarding UBIT (unrelated business income tax) and how you can avoid it.


Employment Issues

We can offer assistance for personnel or employee issues, and we can also draft and review employment-related manuals, applications, policies, etc.



We take pride in offering counsel to our clients regarding liability concerns and the measures to take to decrease liability exposure.


Name changes

If you are changing the name of your orginization or need to add a new name, we can help you no matter where your organization is located; all states apply.


Church Law

We offer comprehensive legal services to churches and ministries and can assist with the unique legal issues churches face.


Legal reviews

We can provide an extensive legal review of your organization and prepare a written legal opinion detailing any legal violations, liability risks, and trouble areas and provide recommendations on how to correct them.


Domain disputes

If you need help with your domain name we can assist you in forcing internet pirates to release or transfer control of a domain to the rightful owner.


Other Services

We aim to be your ‘full-service’ law firm and can assist with numerous legal issues.


Please contact the Law Office of Dan Beirute for more information on any of our services or to schedule a legal consultation.